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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


here again ..
so dis is my LIFE .
i juz wanna tell u and let u noe dat im both HAPPY and SAD.
and noe wat ?
im still trying to figure out how dat could be :)
im not telling u it is goin to be easy but im telling u its goin to be worth it :)
im still trying to forget wat hurt me in the past 
i will never forget wat it had taught me .
i noe i like to pretend dat everythings alright .
i juz want everybody else thinks dat im fine and make me forget for a while dat im not .
i promise to myself dat i wont ever regret anything dat had happen in my past or my future
coz i noe one day it is exactly wat i wanted .
i wont rush into falling in love coz even in fairy tales the happy ending takes places in last pages .
and now ..
everything changes .
i spent my entire childhood wishing dat i was OLDER and now im older and dis sh**t is suck .
im not gonna promise to u dat i will not disappointed u bcoz at the same point i will.
wat is important is..
i wont go away from u ..
i wont escape from u ..
i wont leave u 
juz bcoz u are disappointed .
dat the meaning of my LOVE .
im not expect to find the rite sumone which is so PERFECT .
coz i noe who i am..
wat matters to me and wat makes my heart happy :)
i cant explain how painful it is to wait for sumthing dat NEVER COMES and NEVER HAPPEN .
some day i wish things had turned out differently .
i still have so many words to say 
i had no COURAGE .

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