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Saturday, February 5, 2011

i will be fine as long as i stay alone :)

u noe its hard 
 i need to hold myself together.
u not in my situation rite ?
so u dont noe how painful it is.
life must go on .
my world stop for a while coz i have to breathe.
GOD wont give me challanges dat i cant pass through.

things have to fall apart so dat better thing may come.
it may not be today.
it's a long process to take.
it may takes month
even years to move on.
so wat?
wat is the point of rushing ?
take it easy
dont force myself when i noe i still cant.
if theres still pain feel it.

think dat i wont feel the pain if i didnt love the person.
somehow dat love u felt it.

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