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Saturday, February 5, 2011


  • i dont understand how u can look at me like its not . like i never meant anything to u . like i was never in ur life :'(
  • im going to smile like nothing wrong . talk like everything perfect . act like its all a dream and pretend its not hurting me :')
  • i always have dis fear dat one day u r going to discover dat im not as great as u once thought i was .
  • maybe i am ungrateful because i didnt noe how much u meant to me until i break my heart .
  • i cant blame u for being who u r . im only blame myself for thinking u were different
  • i will never be too afraid to let u go . because i noe from the start u were never mine .
  • i have decided to forgive and forget , give myself for being awfully stupid and forget dat u ever existed .
  • when i feel dat im not important to u , i take initiative to move away . not because i dont care anymore but because i have realized dat if u not happy wit me theres no reason for me to stay and hold on :'(

p/s : a girl wit a broken heart :'(

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