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Thursday, February 10, 2011

i love u ♥

i will wait until u come back 
cause i cant forget ur love .
i think my tears will flow
when i think bout u.
i juz keep goin deeper
i cant stop thinking bout ur love 
i dont think i can forget u
everything bout u
i dont think i could believe it
if u come back .

i cant forget ur love
until whenever
i will wait until u come back 
i cant forget ur love
cause i cant
i cant forget ur love.

thinking bout u
i stay up all nite when i cant sleep
i cant hold back the tears dat flows
sumtimes i cried alone
in this world i have no one but u
i lost u
and i had nothing left
so i cant forget ur love

i have never tried to forget u before
because it was juz worthless to me
the things i remember bout u everyday
are as precious to me as breathing so
i cant forget ur love
boy , u noe dat i need ur love
i need ur everything
i need ur back
i can wait
till u come back
come back to me .

Saturday, February 5, 2011


  • i dont understand how u can look at me like its not . like i never meant anything to u . like i was never in ur life :'(
  • im going to smile like nothing wrong . talk like everything perfect . act like its all a dream and pretend its not hurting me :')
  • i always have dis fear dat one day u r going to discover dat im not as great as u once thought i was .
  • maybe i am ungrateful because i didnt noe how much u meant to me until i break my heart .
  • i cant blame u for being who u r . im only blame myself for thinking u were different
  • i will never be too afraid to let u go . because i noe from the start u were never mine .
  • i have decided to forgive and forget , give myself for being awfully stupid and forget dat u ever existed .
  • when i feel dat im not important to u , i take initiative to move away . not because i dont care anymore but because i have realized dat if u not happy wit me theres no reason for me to stay and hold on :'(

p/s : a girl wit a broken heart :'(

i will be fine as long as i stay alone :)

u noe its hard 
 i need to hold myself together.
u not in my situation rite ?
so u dont noe how painful it is.
life must go on .
my world stop for a while coz i have to breathe.
GOD wont give me challanges dat i cant pass through.

things have to fall apart so dat better thing may come.
it may not be today.
it's a long process to take.
it may takes month
even years to move on.
so wat?
wat is the point of rushing ?
take it easy
dont force myself when i noe i still cant.
if theres still pain feel it.

think dat i wont feel the pain if i didnt love the person.
somehow dat love u felt it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

true love will never fade unless it was a lie.

i can close my eyes to the things i dont wanna see. 
but i cant close my heart to the things dat i dont wanna feel like 

i wish u would juz tell me how ur r feeling so we can forget all the bullshit dat we had made

i believe dat everythings happen for a reason.people change so dat u can learn to let go.things dat go wrong so u can appreciate them when they r right.u believe lies so u will eventually learn to trust no one but urself and some times good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

i dont forgive people because im weak.i forgive them because im strong enough to know people make mistakes.

i got hurt . really hurt and sumtime when dat happen sumthing inside me shuts off.

please watch my face as i pretend to feel no pain.

promise me . dats all i want . just promise dat u will never forget me.tell me i changed u somehow.let me know dat i had an impact on ur life.promise me dat u will always remember me.losing u was hard enough but i dont want to go on knowing i mean absolutely nothing to u.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

everything is on repeat

saya tak bole jadi segalanya tuk semua orang
saya tak bole buat semua benda dalam sekaligus
saya tak bole buat semua hal dengan sempurna
saya tak bole buat semua hal lebih baek daripada orang laen
sifat kemanusiaan saya yang terpapar sama saja macam orang laen.

saya kena kenal siapa diri saya dan sebab itu ..
saya harus tentukan apa yang saya perlu buat terlebih dahulu dan lakukannya.
saya harus cari kekuatan saya dan gunakannya sebaek mungkin.
saya harus belajar untuk tak bersaing dengan orang laen sebab tade orang laen yang bertanding nak jadi diri saya.

saya harus belajar tuk terima keunikan saya sendiri .
saya harus belajar tuk tentukan keutamaan dan buat keputusan
saya harus belajar hidup dengan batasan saya
saya harus belajar tuk berikan diri saya anugerah yang tak terhingga dan hormat orang laen
dan saya akan jadi insan yang paling bertenaga.

bahawa saya adalah seorang yang hebat,indah dan unik
bahawa saya hanyalah sekali dalam dalam semua rentetan sejarah
bahawa saya lebih baek dalam apa jua tugas,untuk jadi diri saya.
bahawa kehidupan ni bukan menjadi masalah untuk diselesaikan tapi adalah hadiah untuk dihargai.
dan saya akan dapat bertahan dan menikmati kehidupan dengan tenang :)

i will hold my breath for u :)

smile and live like a sweet candy

soul expression make me feel better

waiting cant give me happiness ...

tinggal tapak kaki : semua pic adalah hak kepunyaan bella mierra .. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

selamat pagi cinta

ke kiri ku buntu 
ke hutan ku hilang
ke timur ku kosong

aku terus bosan dan tertekan
seperti waktu yang terus saja meninggalkan aku
dalam ke dasar kerak bumi yang belum pernah diterokai

warna ku rindu
jiwa ku biru
menunggu cintaku umpama si buta yang melihat syurga
umpama lampu yang berbunyi hitam
lalu menunggu aku terus

kini malam tiba lagi kerana tinggalkan cahaya matahari
dibebankan dengan bunyi rintisan hujan
seperti mahu saja aku mengejar
gunung yang besarnya tidak terdakap
seperti itu jugalah rindu aku pada

kini harus aku menunggu 
hilang saja dilautan yang luas

lebih dari suka 
hampir pada sayang ...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

imissu like onetwothree

i hide my TEARS when i say ur name .
the pain in my HEART is still the SAME .
although im SMILE and seem care free theres no one who MISS u more than me :)
if u noe how much i miss u ,
try to catch RAIN DROPS.
the ONES u catch is HOW MUCH u MISS me
the ONES u miss is HOW MUCH i MISS u .
im sending u three little heart  ♥  ♥  ♥ to remind u three things 


here again ..
so dis is my LIFE .
i juz wanna tell u and let u noe dat im both HAPPY and SAD.
and noe wat ?
im still trying to figure out how dat could be :)
im not telling u it is goin to be easy but im telling u its goin to be worth it :)
im still trying to forget wat hurt me in the past 
i will never forget wat it had taught me .
i noe i like to pretend dat everythings alright .
i juz want everybody else thinks dat im fine and make me forget for a while dat im not .
i promise to myself dat i wont ever regret anything dat had happen in my past or my future
coz i noe one day it is exactly wat i wanted .
i wont rush into falling in love coz even in fairy tales the happy ending takes places in last pages .
and now ..
everything changes .
i spent my entire childhood wishing dat i was OLDER and now im older and dis sh**t is suck .
im not gonna promise to u dat i will not disappointed u bcoz at the same point i will.
wat is important is..
i wont go away from u ..
i wont escape from u ..
i wont leave u 
juz bcoz u are disappointed .
dat the meaning of my LOVE .
im not expect to find the rite sumone which is so PERFECT .
coz i noe who i am..
wat matters to me and wat makes my heart happy :)
i cant explain how painful it is to wait for sumthing dat NEVER COMES and NEVER HAPPEN .
some day i wish things had turned out differently .
i still have so many words to say 
i had no COURAGE .