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Monday, January 18, 2010

miracle of LOVE

Once we love someone will we think about ourself?once we love someone will we stop thinking about him?once we love someone,we will start thinking about him everyday and never trying to forget him… 
Love…like coffee.. 
Once we drink it while it still hot,we will tasted a very sweet coffee.. 
Once we drink it when it started to cold,we never tasted its sweet anymore. 
Love can make someone be stupid..boleh membuat seseorang jatuh sakit..can make someone feel dying… 
Are we stupid when we fall in love with someone??even no one knows,love still exist although we never ask for it.. 
Trying to forget someone that we truthly love is the hardness thing that we do.. 
Loving someone silently is the most sadness that we had.. 

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